jim in his Sunday best including Jerry Garcia

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Jim Scott
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    The intro may seem just too cute but there is rhyme to my reason. If God had expected our lives to be dull and boring, we'd all look alike and have monotone voices!

    Instead, He made us all very, very different ... and yet the same! Ask the experts. There are an infinite number of genetic combinations ... and yet we all come out pretty much the same ... head, arms, legs, walking upright, and a sense of "self" that no other being on the planet shares! What a great design ... why, maybe it's intelligent! ;-)

    You may have been expecting something more pithy I am sure but this will have to do until other projects can be finished. In the mean time, feel free to visit my church here or here or here!

    Click here for a PDF copy of my current resume. updated 30 Mar 09

    And now for a glimpse at life from the perspective of my good friend, Jane Pearson.

    The "Tomb of the Unknown" email is making the rounds again. And it still contains inaccuracies. See this page for the straight scoop on this solemn landmark of the cost of freedom.

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